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Balfolk Toronto is a not-for-profit group. Become a member by filling out the
sign-up form at the bottom of this page and support your community! Membership is free.

Members can access our Member Resource Page here:


Balfolk Toronto is a not-for-profit volunteer run organization. 

When we run our bigger events (folk dances in Toronto, and most costly, our weekend long Big Branch festival) we have a few costly priorities: 

- Keeping the ticket prices feasible for attendees 
- Paying musicians as close as possible to professional fees (This helps foster quality bal folk music in Canada)
- Sometimes presenting visiting bands from Europe (we feel it's important to present artists immersed in the living scene of European traditional music as these are the traditions we are presenting in Ontario)

Our events do not always break even. If you'd like to support our ongoing activities and keep the balfolk community sustainable into the future, your donations are very much appreciated. 

Your donations will help us keep to our priorities in running community oriented events that foster great music and dance experiences for everyone! Thank You! 

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